Maritime Law

The increasing foreign trade creates growth in shipping and makes maritime solutions essential. Maritime trade and transport attract seventy -five percent of major commercial transactions around the world. The UAE can pride itself on having the largest and busiest ports in the region and the most productive harbor in the world. Dubai is a strategically good location offering port service for emerging markets in the region and routes connecting to the rest of the world.

Equipped with a vast knowledge of maritime law, Binu Karthikeyan advises and represents both owners and charterers regarding all facets of the Maritime Law. He is highly experienced in drafting sale and purchase agreements for maritime vessels and other commercial agreements relating to maritime law

The maritime law relates to the use of the vessel through charter parties, bills of lading, and contracts of affreightment. Binu is highly skilled in dealing with disputes that originate from the bill of lading documents like forged bill of lading, delivering the cargo without the bill of lading etc.

  • Entitlement over bills of lading
  • Damage claims
  • Maritime fraud
  • Initiating and implementing security interests or maritime liens
  • Disputes on cargo contamination, loss or shortage of cargo
  • Yacht Sale and Purchase
  • Ship Chartering Disputes